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It was great!

Last weekend's writing expo in Fulton, MO was terrific.

I wish you all could have been there. I didn't remember to take a camera, but at some point I will have some video so if you're interested, check back for updates.

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us this year. Hope to see you all back again in 2013.



Mid-Mo Writing Expo: Immortal Words

It's not too late.

The Mid-Mo Writing Expo: Immortal Words is tomorrow September 17th at The Mueller Student Center at Westminster College in Fulton, MO.

You can still sign up. $15 gets the conference and lunch.

If you're looking for how to put a little romance in your mystery, stop by my breakout session at 1:40 Romancing the Mystery.

Y'all should come. I have cookies. IMG_0554



Recipe for a Successful Writer's Retreat

Take six to eight smart and talented lady writers

Add in One beautiful location

Mix in a lot of great food and a little bit of wine a dash of chlorinated water and a pinch of great conversations. Stir and simmer for two days.

That's it. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend. Thanks Teresa for hosting us.


Hit the Bricks!

ComeToFair  This year's Fulton Street Fair is called Hit the Bricks. There will be music, and beer, and dancing, a mule sale, a carnival and probably someone selling ShamWows.  0079399319800_215X215  Oh, and I'll be there, sweating and hawking books.

MaTBcov                          Dreams cover             29d7b58d55480872ef1b2a99ccd126a5f13001b5  

 I'll have some cool goodies to raffle off, and all raffle money plus one dollar from every book sold will be donated to the American Cancer Society in honor of my mother, Butch Thomas. Drop in, pick up some good books, take a chance on a couple of awesome crime scene gifts, and support a good cause all while munching fried Oreo's or enjoying an ice cold beverage. It's a win win situation. Oh, and I have crime scene tape tatoos. Come on, you know you want one.

So drop in at the fair, and say hello. My booth will be the one wrapped in crime scene tape. 163229  

Mini-CIMG0047  And really where else can you go for a couple of hours and pick up a great book, some fried Oreos, a BBQ pork steak, and a cold beer. And, then sit in the shade and listen to some great music.

 Stop by the scene of the crime and introduce yourself even if you're not buying books. I'll be sure and direct you to the fried Oreos.


It's Aliiiiiive!!!


 At  long last, Murder at Timber Bridge is here. If you've got a minute, check out the first chapter on my website, or download a sample from Smashwords or Amazon. If you like what you read, and decide to purchase a copy, drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. If you're are holding out for the print version, hang tight, it will be available in a couple of weeks. You can purchase from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or if you'd like a signed copy, drop by my store. I'll be happy to sign one and mail it to you.


The book signing that didn't really happen, or did it?

So, I had a signing today at Beks. I was prepared. I had four door prizes. That's three more prizes than visitors and the visitor didn't enter the contest. I had a laptop displaying my website. Free bookmarks, an attractive book display, and a brand new Sharpie for signing.

My cousin, her daughter and all her middle school buddies came in for a quick visit.

My Aunt and another cousin stopped by and had lunch with me and stayed to visit. 

My trainer from the YMCA showed up for a quick visit and solicited a donation of books for the YMCA Auction. And I got a nice email from someone that was sorry they couldn't get away to attend.

Total for the day; 1 visiter that wasn't related to me, $50 bucks for lunch, appetizers and a tip, 3 books donated to a charity auction, and an hour and half to sit, visit and nibble and I didn't even have to feel guilty about it because I was supposed to be there just sitting, and visiting, and nibbling.

All in all, it was a nice little break in the day. 

Next time I'm gonna borrow a box of kittens from someone and sit outside Wal-Mart. :)

Join Me!

If you're in the area, join me at Beks on Court Street in Fulton, Missouri, today from 2:00 to 3:30. We'll talk about writing, or mysteries, and you can pick up a sneak peek of Murder at Timber Bridge. Or just have a late lunch at Beks.