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The Winners

As promised here are the winners of the KdBlog Twitfic contest.


Elle Robb

Jennifer Bondurant

They were all excellent entries and I had a hard time choosing.

Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun.



TwitFic Contest at KdBlog

Here's your chance to win a copy of my short story collection, Nine Kinds of Trouble. Just write a super short story, you know, something that would fit in a tweet. Lets call it TwitFic. (I didn't invent that name) Which sounds kind of cool if you know what Twitter is and kind of dirty if you don't. Post your stories in the comments. I'll announce a winner on Friday. Extra credit if you can make me laugh. Top three stories get a signed copy of Nine Kinds of Trouble.

Here's mine but I'm not in the contest. I already have a copy.

TwitFic: Beth lost her job. She was hired by her ex. He was still an ass. Now he's dead. Beth owns the store. The perfect crime?  THE END


And the Winner Is.....

Jose Mojica is the winner of the first ever Mystery Flash Fiction Contest at KdBlog. Check out his winning entry below. It's a great story.

Thanks, Jose.

September 20th

 Every year since graduating college, I get a call on September 20th exactly at 7:00 PM. “Happy Birthday, Jay,” the elderly lady says. “It’s Grammy. I’m sorry I haven’t called....” The problem is I don’t have a grandmother, my birthday is in May, and my name is Mike. After five years, I finally decided to say something. “I’m sorry, but I’m not Jay...” “I know that,” the lady said. “Jay was my grandson. You killed him while boating in Cancun. The police said it was an accident, but I knew you were drinking. You always did.” “But I’ve never been to Cancun.” “Is this 555-3838?” the lady asked. “No, it’s 555-3839.” “Sorry, wrong number.”


It's a Birthday Contest and You're the Winner. Maybe.

First off, it's my son's birthday, so Happy Birthday J!

Now that my personal business is taken care of, how about something fun. In honor of number one son's big day, I'm going to have a little writing exercise. Just something fun to kill a little time. 

How about a flash fiction mystery featuring a birthday and a character who's name starts with the letter J. A one-hundred word mystery. I'm not counting words, so it doesn't have to be exact, but let's police ourselves on this one and keep to the spirit of the contest. The birthday boy and I will read the stories and pick a winner.

Winner receives a copy of my short story collection Nine Kinds of Trouble, so get those keyboards ready. Contest ends Tuesday the 22nd at noon. I'll post the winning story on the blog on Wednesday the 23rd.

I love flash fiction, so get those keyboards humming.