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Tuesdays with Friends Welcomes Randi Black. Drop in and Win!

 This week's guest is single mom, and amateur sleuth, Randi Black. Randi is the star of the new Randi Black Mystery Series and book one, Murder at Timber Bridge, comes out June 1st. It's the first of her adventures to be released upon the world at large. Randi's not real well known yet, but everybody dies famous in a small town, and to that end, Randi is pretty well known in the little corner of the world known as Alden, MO. Welcome to KdBlog, Randi.

"Hi KD. Wow, great to finally, meet you in person, so to speak".

"Good to have you here, Randi. Ready to tell us all your secrets?"

"Ha, secrets. There aren't any secrets in Alden, I promise you."

"Okay, well then, tell us a little about yourself to get us started."

"There's not really much to tell, I'm not forty yet. And that's all I'm going to say about that. I've got twin teenage boys. They're fifteen and seriously, I don't know if I'm going to survive the next three years, but that's another story and one that anyone who's raised a teenager already knows, so I'll just let that go. I tend bar part time at the Jolly Roger. It's a local watering hole where all the cops hang out, so we really never have any trouble out there. I keep telling my mom that, but she still thinks I should be a nurse or a teacher or a secretary or something. It's a great job, Mom. Oh, um. Sorry. A little less of the personal family dynamics would probably be better, huh. So what I was saying was, I'm a bartender. I work for my ex husband, Morgan. And, before you ask, yeah, that's kind of screwed up, but I'd rather work for him than live with him, if you know what I mean.  And that's really all there is to tell. I'm a mom, I work, and I might be dating AJ Weleski. The jury's still out on that."

"Well, then tell us a little about Alden, Mo."

"Alden, what can I say, it's smallville. We have a daily newspaper that probably should be a weekly. If it wasn't for the AP it wouldn't be two pages long. Um, I guess it's a pretty little town. Lots of turn of the century architecture and brick streets. There's one cab, he works days, so if you need a ride somewhere after six p.m. you'd better have a friend with a car. We have the normal number of town characters, and a diner that has out of this world food. It's called Mabel's and it's right across the street from the courthouse. If you stop by Alden, make sure you at least drop by Mabel's for a piece of pie. It's worth the trip all by itself. And my Granny works there. Granny Bert. Her name's Bertie Mae Jennings, and she's been at Mabel's forever. She might actually count as one of the town characters, but don't tell my mom I said that. Granny Bert would think it was a hoot, though.

"Okay, we know about Randi, and a little about Alden, what else do we need to know before we read about your adventure in Murder at Timber Bridge?"

"Gosh, I guest a cast of characters would be helpful. Let's see, there's Lex. He's also a bartender at the Roger. He hasn't been in town long, and I don't know a lot about him except he's nice looking in a James Dean bad boy kind of way. He's also the scourge of my Jolly Roger existence, but I won't go into that right now.

"Then there's AJ. He was the love of my life, once upon a time. He would like to be again, but you know, sometimes it's good to know when to say no.

"My brothers, I guess I can't leave them out. Steve is the oldest. He's a retired Army Colonel. He generaly treats me like an especially annoying private. I mostly ignore him. I've had years of practice and even though he was in the Army for twenty years or so, I was able to put that skill right back to use almost the minute he and his wife Sara Beth hit town. Then there's my twin brother Chad. He's in the Navy reserves. He was a Navy SEAL until he got hurt, then they made him ride a desk for a while and now he plays weekend warrior once a month. He was gone for a long time, and I'm glad to have him back. He's a nice man even if he is my brother. He's kind of scary looking. He's a vice detective and he does a lot of undercover work and he looks the part. Big brother Steve's a detective too. And AJ, they all came back from the service and fell into the police department almost the minute they returned. I missed them when they were gone, but damn, sometimes, I kind of wish they'd disappear again, and whatever you do don't let that get out to my mom. I would never hear the end of it. She thinks her boys walk on water."

"Okay, Randi. We've met you, some of your family and friends, and we've found out a little about Alden. Now tell us how you ended up in the middle of a murder investigation, because unless you left something out, you're about the only one in your family that's not a member of the police department."

"Well, you see, I went out with my brothers, AJ and my boys, Devin and Travis for a nice little weekend outing and well, tell you what, rather than try to explain it, why don't you click the link and read the first chapter. Really, KD. You told the story a lot better than I can."

"Well, thanks, Randi. That was very sweet. And to my KdBloggers out there. Check out chapter one of Murder at TImber Bridge and find out how Randi managed to get caught up in the madness of a murder investigation. It's a fun story. And on June 1st, you can pick up a complete copy of Murder at Timber Bridge or one lucky KdBlogger could win a signed ARC of MaTB. Just leave a comment. I'll have Randi draw a name from all the commenters and I'll get the ARC to you so you can win it before you buy it. And, if you'd like to meet Randi before June 1, check out Nine Kinds of Trouble and read the story Nothing Much Has Changed.