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You know how when you're a woman working in a predominantly male field and you say something edgy and forward to try and fit in and then all the guys look at you as if you've suddenly sprouted an extra head? Oh, I guess I'm the only one stuff like that happens too.


Overrun by Sports

I'm not a huge sports fan, I'm a kind of sports fan. Well, that's not completely true either. I'm a rabid St. Louis Cardinals fan. It's a genetic illness passed down through the generations of my family. And I'm a Kansas City Chief's fan. But not rabid. I mean, how can you be a rabid fan of a team that sucks nine out of every ten years. But they're my Chiefs and I keep up with them most of the time. Oh and I keep track of NASCAR a little bit cause Carl Edwards doesn't live too far from me and it's kinda cool to watch someone you almost know. What I'm getting at is it's almost playoff season in baseball so I have to keep up with the Cards, and football season is just getting started, so I have to keep up with the Chief's, and the race for the chase has started in NASCAR so I have to keep track of Carl, and honestly, I can't keep up with all these sports and get anything done on the weekends. It get's easier after the World Series, then NASCAR finishes up and by that time the Chief's are usually sucking so bad that football isn't very interesting either, so if I can just get through the next month or so, it'll all be okay. 

Gotta go get my laundry started before the first pitch.

What outside events keep you guys from doing all the things you're supposed to get finished on your weekends?


It was great!

Last weekend's writing expo in Fulton, MO was terrific.

I wish you all could have been there. I didn't remember to take a camera, but at some point I will have some video so if you're interested, check back for updates.

Thanks to everyone that came out and supported us this year. Hope to see you all back again in 2013.



Mid-Mo Writing Expo: Immortal Words

It's not too late.

The Mid-Mo Writing Expo: Immortal Words is tomorrow September 17th at The Mueller Student Center at Westminster College in Fulton, MO.

You can still sign up. $15 gets the conference and lunch.

If you're looking for how to put a little romance in your mystery, stop by my breakout session at 1:40 Romancing the Mystery.

Y'all should come. I have cookies. IMG_0554