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Was it Karma or just bad luck?

I was over at Tawna Fenske's blog, Don't Pet Me I'm Writing, yesterday. If you haven't been you should drop by, I promise you will laugh. Anyway, yesterday she blogged about Dog Poo Karma.

Dog Poo Karma works like this, if you don't pick up after your pup, at some point, you are going to trod in someone else's derelict poo. If you don't believe this, read the post and comments section.

I don't have a dog poo tale, but one of the comments mentioned someone getting bird poo bombed and that made me remember a story. No I didn't get bird poo bombed, but the comment reminded me of a story.

Pictures this, a ladies high school track team on a mandatory field trip to the University of Missouri to witness a Lady Tigers indoor track meet. I really, really sucked at track and on top of it, thought watching one was slightly less exciting than watching grass grow, but it was mandatory, so I was there even though it was the Day of Prom

It was a beautiful May Saturday and our gaggle of high school girls were walking through campus to a restaurant for lunch. We had to walk between the dorm buildings and that was cause for much preening and prancing, because there were college boys yelling and whistling at us. We were hot. We were rocking our Candi's shoes and parachute pants.

As we pranced and preened for the yelling collegians something squished onto my head. I was startled. My teammates let out a collective gasp. Then something started running down my face.  That was cause for a get it off, get it off, get it off moment even though I'm not normally a girly, get it off, get it off kind of girl. 

What plopped onto the ground from my head was an ice cream cone. Normally I would have thought this was funny. I mean seriously, some guy (you know it was a guy) dropped an ice cream cone out of a eight story building and it landed on my head. What are the odds? It should have been funny. But it wasn't, because like all the other giggling, preening, prancing girls in my gaggle, my hair was already done for prom. All it lacked was the application of flowers. This was a disaster of unimaginable magnitude for a self conscious 16 year old. Doomed, I was Doomed. I still remember standing in the bathroom with my head under the hand dryer trying not to cry, because I didn't want my face to get all blotchy. It was my junior prom dammit.

Here's where the Karma question comes in. What could I have possible done in my 16 short years that deserved an ice cream cone on my prom hairdo? 

Has Karma ever slapped you around by mistake? 


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I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you.

OK, I'm laughing at you.

So how did your hair look for prom? :)


Hi Tawna, Thanks for stopping by. I'm pretty sure there's no remaining photo evidence to the contrary so I'm going to say it looked fabulous.

Oh, no! *stifles giggles* That is truly horrible. But mqybe...from a distance...with your perspective softened by's almost funny. Almost. :)

Have to admit, the times karma has turned around and bitten me, I usually deserved it. ;)

Hi Linda,
It is funny, it's one of those memories that makes me wince and giggle at the same time.

Oh, how awful! (My laughter is completely sympathetic, I assure you.) NO 16-year-old girl deserves ice cream in her prom hairdo, and a blowdry in the ladies'. That just means you were prepping for some seriously good luck to head your way next, I'm sure.

Thanks Elizabeth. I'm still waiting for that good luck.

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