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You've seen those ads on facebook I'm sure. The one that assured you companies can not wait for you to try their product and write reviews. The bonus is whatever product you test and review you get to keep. A long long time ago, before Al Gore invented the Internet, I joined some kind of handyman club. It came with a magazine with lots of good information. Along with the first copy of the magazine was a chance to join their review team. Let me just say here that I love tools. Hand tools, power tools, antique tools. So, I thought hey cool, they send me a new cordless drill or a table saw that would be freakin awesome. I probably didn't think freakin, I don't think that word was invented yet, but you get the picture. So with dreams of free power tools in my future I signed up and waited anxiously for my new tools.

Here's what they sent me for my first review.


In case you can't identify it. It's a sanding block. Basically it's a sponge with a piece of sandpaper glued to one side. Now don't get me wrong, sanding blocks are handy tools to have, but they cost about 2 bucks, so it wasn't like I was leaping with joy to receive one in the mail. And seriously, what kind of review can you write about a sanding block.

The new Acme sanding block is one of the finest I've ever used. The sponge is soft and protects the delicate skin of my fingers from damage as the sandpaper smooths the surface of my work with a gentle grinding sound.

I used the block, but I'm not sure I wrote the review. I was very depressed over the whole idea of reviewing a sanding block. Maybe I should have stayed with it. It would have been great writing practice.

Have you looked forward to something only to be underwhelmed when it finally arrived?



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power tools in my future I signed up and waited anxiously for my new tools.

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