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Reaching Beyond the Borders

How do you build a readership? Agents tell you to start a website even before you are published. So I started KdWrites. Step One--Check

Next start a blog. Talk about whatever you want. Let people know who you are and what you do. If your blog is entertaining you can gain readers. So I started KdBlog.  Step Two--Check

Get into social media. Get your name out there. Make friends. Reconnect with old friends. So I opened a Facebook account, KD Easley, and a Twitter account, KdWrites. Step Three--Check  Then I took it a step further and joined Crimespace, Goodreads, Grouply and AuthorsDen. These sites skew to readers and that's my target audience. Step Three point one--Check

I've joined listservs for writing groups like Sisters in Crime and the Guppies. If you google my name, the names of my books or the names of my website or blog, the results come up with me. All Me! Quite validating to wander around the internet and find yourself. If you're feeling down, jump in and try it. So we'll call that Step Three point two--Check.

So, I've followed the guidelines. I've got my name out there. I'm making friends. I'm talking about books, commenting on other blogs. And if I'm not careful I can spend all my time flitting from site to site and never have any time to write. But here's the Question...Does it sell books?

Yes...and No.

I have sold a few books through my online contacts. I've made friends with some readers and that's been wonderful, but mostly it seems I've built a large incestuous group of writer friends. We talk about each other's books, we blog about each others books, we visit each other's blogs, we interview each other and it's all a great deal of fun, but we seem to be preaching to the choir. We're all writers and that means we are all readers, but it's a fairly small group of people considering the size of the online community and it doesn't seem to get our work out in front of readers that aren't writers and I for one don't know how to fix that. What am I missing in my social networking that will break me free of my tiny little corner of the writing world and send me out beyond the borders where the rest of the readers live?

Tell me what we need to be doing differently. Joe Konrath has done it brilliantly so I know it can be done. Any ideas KdBloggers?


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