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Picking up Strays

I come from a long line of rescuers. Kittens, bunnies, puppies, I've rescued them all. My first rescue came when I was about five years old. I saw my cat carrying something that looked like a baby bunny in it's mouth. I took it away, discovered it was just a mouse and handed it back to the cat. The mouse thought that was a terrible plan and promptly bit me. I became my doctor's first mouse bite victim. I don't know whether he ever had another.

My mom had the best rescue story. We had a cat that went missing. My mom and dad adopted Niki before I was born and she was a treasured member of the family. She was also a notorious slut and a couple of time a year after a brief disappearance, she blessed us with a litter of kittens. One time she left and didn't come back. My mom was worried sick. Her first baby was missing. She walked the neighborhood calling her name, she talked to the neighbors. She might have placed an ad in the paper, still no Niki.

One day a filthy, tattered, half starved kitty showed up at our house. Mama cried with relief. She grabbed the wayward Niki and carried her inside. She bathed and dried her. Tempted her with treats and rushed her to the vets office to make sure she was okay. She spent a great deal of money that we probably didn't have to save her precious Niki and the cat ate up the attention. And then a few days later, Niki walked up to the door looking as sleek, fat and satisfied as she always did after one of her excursions.

Mom had rescued the wrong cat. I don't remember keeping the usurper, but I'm sure my mom found it a wonderful home. That poor bedraggled stray hit the jackpot when he met my mom.


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i certianly don't have a rescue story anywhere near as great as those. However, it is great to know i am not the only sucker out there for a stray. I found the cuttest kitten yesterday at a gas station that really wanted to come home with me so of course i take a pic and send it to my hubby showing him how cute the cat is. I decide to finish my errands for the morning and then go back to see if he is still there, of course when i go back he is no longer there. Long story short my hub unit and i ended up making three more trips to that gas station that day with no luck. poor kitty maybe someone else found him and gave him a new home. Who knows maybe he will be there today hehehe!!!!

Hi Mel,
Thanks for dropping by. I had totally forgotten this story and my aunt mentioned it over the weekend. Seemed like a perfect blog post.

I had to stop rescuing animals. At one time I had five cats. All rescues. They took over my life. I found them all homes. I'm too young to be a crazy cat lady.

I need to find a home for my cat! Anybody? Five years old, neutered, declawed, somewhat territorial.

I can't hear you. I can't hear you. La la la la la la.

Hope you find him a good home, Milly

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