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Shipping with Brown

 Back in the day, they were the tightest ship in the shipping business. I am a regular customer and the big brown trucks stop by my house on a regular basis. I love internet shopping. I don't have to get dressed, I don't have to shower, I don't have to leave the house, I don't have to talk to anyone. Um, but his is about Brown and not about my social inadequacies. I stopped by Brown today to ship something quite fragile to my sailor stationed halfway across the country. It would have been cheaper to pack and ship it myself by USPS, but I didn't have the correct size box, and I am basically lazy and wanted someone else to mess with the bubble wrap, peanuts and packing tape. That may have been a mistake on my part. I'll find out Friday when the package arrives at it's destination and we find out if it is still in one piece.

See the reason for my concern is that the young man working the counter was about twelve. When my son's were twelve, they would have dropped a Ming vase into a box, taped it shut and forgot about it. They would have been surprised to learn it arrived at it's destination in pieces. So I'm a bit concerned about my package.

Of course, I sent Christmas cookies to my sailor boy and bubble wrapped the fragile one's individually so they wouldn't get broken before they arrived. I might be a bit OCD about it.


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