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Atla-091108-junk  Everybody has a junk drawer. Some people might even have two. I inherited a junk house. My mom was a bit of a pack rat. I started decrapifying her house almost five years ago. It wasn't easy, as every time I tried to throw something out, she'd grimace and sigh, or stalk off in a snit. She passed away a little over a year ago, and the decrapifying has gotten easier, but it's still an enormous undertaking trying to remove 45 years worth of accumulated stuff.

I'm not into stuff. I'm a minimalist. If I have a place to put my computer, a comfortable chair to read in, and my camera to record my infrequent trips away from my keyboard, I'm pretty happy. I have a few basic black pieces of clothing, enough construction clothes to get me through a week's work and a couple of pieces of formal attire. Living in a house with a piece of furniture against every single bit of wall space, and each piece of furniture, or cabinet filled to the brim with stuff, drive's me insane. Add in a basement with so much stuff there are only a few paths to walk through and an attic that's in the same condition, and I am overwhelmed. This marks my sixth summer of removing crap from this house and I can finally see the basement floor. With luck, the basement may be complete this year, then it's on to the attic. With every bit of junk that leaves the house I feel better, lighter and less encumbered. I can not wait until this project is done.

What makes people accumulate so much stuff? Why do we find it so hard to get rid of things?


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We collect in times of famine forgeting that in good times we won't want any of it. Keep at it, your children will love you.

When I started cleaning out Mama's house I promised them I would not leave them a mess like that to go through.

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