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The Week My Appliances Went On Strike

Underwires and casings 01  For those of you that don't recognize the small picture to the left, it's an underwire from a bra. Those of you that have done laundry and like me are too lazy or disorganized to use those neat little lingerie bags for your pretty underthings, you know that underwires after a few washes will come out of your bra. But that's the end of my story, not the beginning. Let's start at the beginning, which is also an end of sorts.

Last spring, shortly after my mother passed away, I mean like minutes after, the lock on her oven door locked and wouldn't release. I know this because I had a house full of people and I was trying to make them biscuits and gravy for breakfast. It was my mom's oven. She picked it out and purchased it and I guess it was in mourning with the rest of us. We had our gravy on toast. At that point and after the week we had all been through, we could have eaten it on cornflakes and it would have been fine. 

The oven was still under warranty. The Sears guy was lovely and after only having to reorder the part twice we got it fixed. While we were still waiting for the oven to be fixed, I opened the dishwasher and heard a loud pop. When I let go of the door, it slammed to the floor smacking my shin on the way down. I shifted my eyes skyward for a moment and sent a questioning message to my mom. She didn't answer, but I might have heard the echo of celestial laughter. The repairman was duly called and the next day after two minutes of work, the dishwasher door was fixed. We were still waiting on the oven parts, but one broken appliance was working again, so all was well. 

The next day, I jumped in my dad's pickup truck and ran to town with my youngest son. When I stepped on the brakes, the pedal went all the way to the floor and the truck didn't slow noticeably. As soon as I had a free second after bringing the truck to a stop at the tire shop, I glanced up and heard the distinct sound of laughter. Mama never did like that truck. Two hours and four hundred dollars later, the truck had new brakes, the dishwasher was fixed and we were still waiting for oven parts.

After only a couple more days, the oven parts arrived for the second time, the oven was fixed and all was right in my world, well mostly. At least all the appliance were working. Later that evening after dinner, I went downstairs to change the laundry around from the washer to the dryer. The load in the dryer was still damp, so I cleaned the lint trap, set the timer and turned on the dryer. A horrible clanging sound started coming from the machine. This time I didn't roll my eyes heavenward, I looked up and threw my hands up and muttered 'Seriously?". Oh yes, there was laughter. But it was about to get louder.

I called my nice appliance repairman and he agreed to come out and take a look at the dryer the next afternoon. That was great, I've known my appliance repair guy for years. Once a long time ago in another lifetime, he was my boss. He's a great guy. I know him well. I think it would have been better if he'd been a stranger.

 The next afternoon he arrived and headed for the basement with his little box of dryer repair tools. The first thing he did was pull out the lint trap. Caught in the lint trap was the underwire from a bra. He plucked it out with a grin and handed it to me. My repairman laughed, my mother was collapsed on a cloud crying with hysterical laughter. I could hear her. I swear. Trusty repairman stabbed the lint trap back in place and turned on the dryer. The only unusual noises were coming from my repairman as he tried to hold back his laughter. He didn't charge me for the visit.

This little episode and other's like it is where I get the material for my Randi Black series. If you want to find out what disasters Randi get's to deal with, take a peek at Murder at Timber Bridge. Signed copies are available here.


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How funny! We've gone through a spat of dead appliances here lately. I don't know who's laughing at us though!

Sometimes, I think it's the appliances.

Darn underwires!
They are like little gremlins. If they aren't out to hurt the woman who owns them, they are trying to break her appliances!

How funny that we both had underwire blogs in the same week!

Hi Melissa,
I'm not sure, but we might have even posted them on the same day. Great minds think alike I guess.

I guess it's not appliances. I think so.

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