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Pay it Forward

I got an email yesterday from HotelsCombined about a program called Spread the Word for Charity. It explained how I could get five, ten or twenty dollars donated to the charity of my choice just by mentioning the program on my blog. First I was excited that someone I didn't know had found my blog and was compelled to email me because of it. Chalk one up to internet marketing. Then, I did some research to make sure it wasn't some sort of fraud like that poetry book I almost got published in, but I digress and that is a blog post for another day. Anyway, I found that Spread the Word for Charity is real. HotelsCombined has donated over ten thousand dollars already this year. Awesome.

Spread the Word for Charity is a very simple program. You mention the program on Twitter, Facebook or your Blog, mention in the same post what charity you would like the money donated too, and they in turn donate, five, ten or twenty dollars to the charity in your name. Easy and painless.

The email I received mentioned that they had found my blog and noticed that I was a supporter of The American Cancer Society. I am, and I am happy to use this small space to announce it and send twenty dollars to the American Cancer Society to help further their research. I lost my mother to cancer last year. Her memorial service was a year ago yesterday. I still miss her everyday and my hope is that the research that the American Cancer Society is doing today may mean that in the future another daughter might not lose her mother so many many years too early. 

If you have a blog, facebook or Twitter account, click the HotelsCombined leak above, check out the program and send a small gift to the charity of your choice. In that small way, we can all pay a little bit forward.

I recommend and sent $20 to The American Cancer Society!

You can shout and help too.



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