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Hit the Bricks, Literally

The Fulton Street Fair started as a great success. The booth set up was great and drew a lot of attention. I talked to a lot a great people, listened to some great music and got my yearly dose of fried Oreo cookies.

Here's a couple of pictures of the booth.


Photo 2

Photo 3

Friday night at midnight, I raced back downtown after the fair was closed and deserted, to batten down the hatches and prepare for the giant storm that was heading our way. As I walked into the fair on Saturday morning, past the twisted wreckage of fair booth's whose owners hadn't been as weather savvy as me, I quietly gloated. Not over their damage, cause those folks do fairs and festivals for a living and I don't wish misfortune on anyone, more self satisfaction that I'd foreseen a problem and averted it. Then the storm blew in Saturday afternoon.

Photo 4
 And this is all that was left of my EZ up tent after the first gust. Yes, the tent was down. Yes we were prepared for the storm. No, it didn't do a bit of good. Underneath the sound of falling rain and blowing wind and crashing displays, I heard mother nature laughing. See that sandwich in the lower left hand corner of the picture? Yeah, that was my lunch. I didn't get to eat that either. Mother nature is somewhat vindictive.


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Wow--that's incredible! What a terrific looking booth--and good for you for being so "weather savvy"!

xo Hank

Thanks Hank, wish I'd been weather savvy enough to salvage my tent. :)

Yikes. At least now you can tell people that your last signing brought down the house.

P.S. Great action shot. Someone was on the ball with the camera!

Hey Melissa, thanks for stopping by. Great quote, I'll have to remember that.

That was an iPhone shot, but I picked up the newspaper a few minutes ago and there we were on the Front Page Part Two in living color, trying to keep the whole thing from flying away.

Holy cow! Scary, messy & what a bummer! And you had such a great booth!

Yeah, I'm just glad no one was hurt. When it took off flying, before we could catch it, it almost hit a couple of people. Everyone was very lucky.

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