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Guest Blog Disaster or How I managed to screw up my own plan with no outside help

I have dropped the ball several times since I started Tuesdays with Friends. I think the Tuesday part is what hurts me the worst, so I'm going to get rid of it. This week's Tuesdays with Friends guest was supposed to be Rob Walker. He sent his post to me along with all the information I needed to get it set up and I dropped the ball, so his post will appear on Wednesday instead. To Rob I apologize. All I can say is I'm just not organized enough to keep up with my own ideas. In the future, I'll find a better way to set up my blog guests. One that isn't quite so restrictive and lends itself a little more to my abilities to keep up with my ideas. So if anyone has stuck it out with KdBlog over the last few weeks of chaos, hang in there. I'm gathering it back up and tomorrow, Blog Guest Rob Walker will appear, only a day late.

Thanks for hanging in here with me.



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still hangin with ya! :)

Thanks, Barb. Glad you're here.

Call it Tuesdays with Friends on Wednesday (or whatever day you post). :)

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