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What Makes You Say No Thanks?

I love mysteries. Hard boiled, traditional, police procedurals, amateur sleuths, series or stand alone, but I hate psychological thrillers. I can't stand that nagging tension that won't go away. The twisted mind of the killer gets inside me and makes me uncomfortable. I can't sit still, I don't want to read, and I feel like if I put the book down it will keep chasing after me. I feel the same way about Psycho thriller movies. I don't like the dark cinematography, the quick scene flashes, all those things designed to heighten the tension. I hate it, I won't watch it and I won't read it. It just creeps me out. 

There you now know what makes me say no thanks, well most of it. I don't like it when they kill or torture the dog, cat, bunny, child. And I don't like gratuitous violence, or graphic sex in books or movies. Hey, my imagination can take care of the violence, and well, the sex to as far as that goes. I know where tab A and slot B fit together, I can supply the pieces, just get me in the place.

Now, tell me what turns you off, stops you cold, makes you toss the book into the trash. Come on, I told mine, don't leave me here hanging all by myself. Tell you what, you share, and I'll see that one lucky commenter gets a KdBlog prize pack just for keeping me from hanging out here all by my lonesome.


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