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Is it Nature or Nurture?

My son is my webmaster, computer guru and all round geek in residence. I also bounce ideas off of him from time to time, or discuss methods of committing crime. For the books, you know. Not for real. I promise.  

Even though he doesn't still reside under my roof. He and his wife do still come over for dinner sometimes. So we can still get that dinner time family dynamic going from time to time. The other night as we were eating, the conversation turned to a short story I was working on, then moved on to an idea I had, then switched over to ways to kill people, how and where to hide bodies, and finished off with how you could commit a murder and get away with it. The conversations wound down and in the quiet my son looked up and said, we have some really sick dinner conversations. That made us all laugh.

I started writing mysteries when my kids were in middle school. They've read, proofread and approved or disapproved my writing since they were too young to understand the juicy parts. They grew up discussing murder and mayhem over dinner. My daughter-in-law did not. She's fitting in pretty well, though. Bless her heart. She's even joined in the family business by dropping in a suggestion of her own from time to time. At home these conversations aren't a problem, at a restaurant, they can get you some funny looks. I just pray if anyone I know or am related to is ever the victim of a crime, the police don't confiscate my computer. If they went back over my web searches, I'd be tried and found guilty on the spot. Hey, I write books where the good guys always come out on top, but in real life, I wouldn't want to count on it. 

So what do you think, is this passion for crime I now share with my children a case of nature or nurture. I used to think it was all genetic. I mean, we do share other traits as well, but lately, with the addition of my son's sweet wife, I'm beginning to think anyone can be pushed into a life of crime. Even if it's virtual.


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