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Why I Write

I write because I must. Because it fills a need within me. If I can't write, I get cranky, it aches in my bones like the flu. It makes me jittery and anxious if I can't fill this need. 

I write because I'm shy and tongue-tied, self-conscious, and awkward. My characters are none of these things and for a little while, I'm the cool kid, you know, the popular one that is always surrounded by friend. I'm that person when I write. My characters surround me like a blanket. 

I write because I'm a people watcher. Happier on the outside looking in than on the inside interacting. An afternoon of people watching, or aimless wondering in a spot that would be awesome to find a body, (hey, I'm a mystery writer) is a day nourishing my muse.  

I write because story telling is hardwired into my brain.

I write because I can touch people. I can make them laugh, make them cry or make them flinch.

I write because it makes me whole.

Why do you write? 

Drop me a line and let me know. I'll send a copy of Nine Kinds of Trouble to one lucky commenter.


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