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Fill Up Your Writing Bank

Just the act of going about your daily life can drain the deposits from your writing bank. Kids need to be dressed and fed. The boss expects you to show up and actually get something done at work. Your spouse needs you to notice them on a regular basis. There are PTA meetings, school board meetings, board meetings, angry customers, angry drivers, fussy babies, interfering family members, and well meaning but annoying neighbors. All of those things suck you dry until at the end of the day, just getting into your PJ's is a major accomplishment. But, hey, now you're supposed to write. 

How do you keep your writing bank balance from going into negative numbers? Everyone is different, so there's no one right answer to this question. A massage is good for me, or a nice dinner out. A movie or a walk in a beautiful park. For me, nature makes the biggest deposits into my writing bank. A glass of iced tea on the deck, with squirrels chattering above my head. That's a deposit. A beautiful sunset. That's a deposit. A chatty email from a good friend. That's a deposit. Find your stress relievers where you can. Do something nice just for yourself at least once a week. Even if it's locking yourself in the bathroom with a candle and a romance novel and a bottle of bubble bath. That hour to yourself is a major deposit in the writer's bank.

They say for writers to be successful, there needs to be some angst in their life. I can't completely disagree with that. I've done some of my best writing when my life was a complete disaster. It's nice to have another world to disappear into for a little while, where the problems are all of your own making and the solutions are logical and sometimes fun, but you can't make that escape if you can't get away from the overwhelming stress. You have to have a nice balance in your writing account.

I sat at the computer last night with a kitty purring on my feet. That was the deposit in my writer's bank for the day. What about you? Have you made a deposit today? It's early yet. Make one and share it with the blog. Maybe we can borrow your idea and make a deposit of our own.


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KD - Taking time to sit quietly and read your blog is a deposit in my writing bank. Thank you for the inspiration.

Thanks, Carolyn.

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