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TwitFic Contest at KdBlog

Here's your chance to win a copy of my short story collection, Nine Kinds of Trouble. Just write a super short story, you know, something that would fit in a tweet. Lets call it TwitFic. (I didn't invent that name) Which sounds kind of cool if you know what Twitter is and kind of dirty if you don't. Post your stories in the comments. I'll announce a winner on Friday. Extra credit if you can make me laugh. Top three stories get a signed copy of Nine Kinds of Trouble.

Here's mine but I'm not in the contest. I already have a copy.

TwitFic: Beth lost her job. She was hired by her ex. He was still an ass. Now he's dead. Beth owns the store. The perfect crime?  THE END


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Bob said he was abducted by aliens, but no one believed him. It's probably a good thing because it turns out that bob is a complete nutcase.

LOL Justin.

Boy facebooks old girlfriend. Girl twitters, falls in love. Interface. Birth of baby blog. Boy chats up new user, comes down with virus. Computer crash. Girl logs off.

Nice, Jenny.

Expecially like "interface" LOL

Sirens screamed in the air whistling past his ears. The future raced to meet him, but the past wouldn’t stay behind. Her face hung in his mind, but all he felt was the wind.

Candi left the keys in the stolen Honda & walked away from a life of stripping (& her boss-in the trunk). Destination? Victoria’s Secret.

Nice, Ericca.

Thanks, Colleen. It's surprisingly difficult to tell a complete tale in a couple of sentences. Who knew?

She fell, cracked her back, suffered pain and fools, doubled up the morphine dose and went to sleep. No more pain for her.

That's almost poetic, Carolyn.

LOVE Jenny's!!! :)

Airfare paid in full, messed up calendar date. Flew to Bermuda instead of to work. Sandy beaches, buried treasure. No job, no worries.

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