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Tape to Disc to Electronic File

The progression of my entertainment media.
It occurs to me that twenty-five years or so ago, I replaced my favorite albums with cassette tapes. A few short years after that, I replaced my cassette tapes with CD's and in the last few years I purchased many of those same albums in MP3 format so I could listen on my iPod. And now, I'm starting the same thing over with my books. Over the years I've replaced my very favorite paperbacks with hardback copies because they hold up better for multiple reads. Now I've purchased many of those same books in electronic format so I can read them on my Kindle and iPhone. I've played the same tape to dvd to electronic format game with my movies as well. The publishing business isn't making a huge new change, it's just late to the party the rest of the entertainment business has already gone through. Why am I so slow to pick up on this? No idea. That's rather perturbing actually.


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