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My Favorite Characters

I read a lot. Between ten and twenty books a month. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but a lot, so mediocre books disappear from mind fairly quickly overrun by the outstanding ones. The ones that hang with me. In my case, I'd like to say that the books that stick with me were highly regarded literary masterpieces, but really, they're not. They're the one's that make me laugh, not the one's that make me think. The characters from those books are the one's I'd like to hang out with. 

Number one on the list...

Harry Dresden from Jim Butcher's Dresden Files series. He's smart, funny, humble, he wears an awesome black leather duster, he doesn't take himself too seriously and he can do magic. I mean, this guy is perfect.

Next up....

Stephanie Plum. She's a walking disaster with a gun. Her mentor is cooler than 007, her on and off boyfriend is the hottest cop in Trenton. Her family is cracked. Her cars self destruct and her best friend is a retired ho. What's not to like.

Number Three...

Charlie Moon, James Doss's main character. Charlie is a seven foot tall indian. He's smart, cute, resourceful, manly and shy around women. Really, he's clueless around women. He adorable. If a seven foot Native American can be said to be adorable.

Four...Elvis Cole's sidekick, Joe Pike. He's dark, mysterious, quiet, sexy and scary.

Five...Spenser's sidekick, Hawke. He's dark, really dark, mysterious, quiet, sexy and scary.

Six...Stephanie Plum's mentor, Ranger. He's um dark, mysterious, quiet, sexy and um, scary. I'm kind of detecting a theme here.

Seven...Jack Reacher. I mean come on, Reacher pretty much invented mysterious, quiet, sexy and scary. 

These are the people that I want on my side in a fight. These are the folks I want to go out with for a beer. Except for Stephanie, these are the guys I want next to me when something goes bump in the night.

What about you? Who are the characters that stick in your mind long after the story is over? 


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