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What I Like to Read: David Baldacci

I discovered this book in a vacation cottage in California. I picked it up because I had nothing else to read and I’d already finished the back of the cereal box and the directions for my new printer. It was terrific. I bought it as soon as I got home and this week I just read it again. It’s a great book. David Baldacci is an excellent writer. Wish you well is a sweet story set in the Virginia mountains, but if your tastes run more to thrillers, check out his new paperback, The Collectors. It’s a great cast of characters and an action packed story set right in the heart of Washington DC. 

Check him out, I think you’ll enjoy.


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Thanks for the reference! I'll pick it up! What a neat surprise, eh?

Hope you enjoy it Sylvia. It's the kind of book that should end up being a Hallmark movie. Not sure why it hasn't been done yet.

I'm also a fan of Baldacci.

The Old Silly

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