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Write On Mondays and Tuesdays with Friends

In honor of Twenty-Ten (2010), and because a year with such a cool name deserves something special. KdBlog is starting a some new features. The first one is called Write On Mondays, where I share a writing tip, bring up something writing related that's bugging me or just blather about writing in general. If any of you have been watching you'll note that I've pretty much always talked about something writing related on Mondays, so that's not really something new for Monday's. Actually, the only thing new about it is the name, Write On Monday. 

Feature number two is, Tuesdays with Friends, and it starts next week. Tuesdays with Friends is the day I turn KdBlog over to a guest so they can tell us a funny story, share a writing tip, tell us about their book, or give KdBlog an interview. 

I've already made a bunch of new Tuesday Friends while bringing this feature together. I've also got a nice long list of new books to read. Some of KdBlogs Tuesday guests will feature book giveaways for commenters or maybe even a contest or two. So get ready for some Tuesday fun at KdBlog. And be sure and check out the books our Tuesday friends share. What could be more fun than a chance to find new mystery authors?

Wednesday and Thursday will continue on as usual. Blank unless something funny or absurd catches my eye or one of my family members or myself do something so stupid it has to be shared. 

What I like to Read will continue on Fridays and the weekends will be blog free unless, as noted for Wednesday and Thursday, I do something so stupid I feel I have to share.

Thank you all so much for spending time with me on KdBlog. I hope you enjoy what's going on around here this year. 


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