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Music to Write By

My books have theme music. No, they don't come with a soundtrack, but that would be really cool. Maybe something to work on in the digital version. But that's fodder for another blog post. No, the soundtrack for my books is in my head, or more accurately on my iPod. When I wrote Where the Dreams End, the first Brocs Harley mystery, Dire Straits, Brother's in Arms was the background sound. It's a dark mystery and Brother's in Arms is a dark, mellow album. And lo and behold, when Brocs comes home after a particularly awful day, the CD he slips into the stereo is Dire Straits.

When I wrote Murder at Timber Bridge, book one in the Randi Black mystery series, the Eagles were crooning in the background. I have a lot of good memories associated with the Eagles and apparently so does Randi, because during a long drive home when her life seems to be slipping back into a happier time and overlapping with the hopes and dreams of her youth, she slips in an old Eagles CD. 

I'm alternately working on an edit of an almost complete work, Book Three in the Randi Black Series and starting something new. The Eagles form part of the playlist for Randi along with a little Tim McGraw, and once in a while, a little AC/DC. But what about the soundtrack to the new work? Well, that one hasn't made it's musical preference known yet, but I have no doubt that it will soon, because I have to have music to write by.

Check out Where the Dreams End, featuring Brocs Harley and slip in a little Dire Straits while you read, and don't forget to knock the dust off that Eagles Greatest Hits album, because Murder at Timber Bridge will be out in April and you might just want a little music to read by.


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