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5 posts from December 2009


Happy New Year!

To all the kdbloggers, friends, readers, family, and you guys that ended up here after a failed Google search, I wish you and your families a safe and prosperous New Year!

In the next few days, Kdblog will be back with more fun and interesting things. I hope you all come and enjoy the trip.


What I Like to Read: Robert Parker

Robert Parker has three series. I like all of them, but this new book may be my favorite. Sunny Randall is a PI, I like her quite a bit and this is a Sunny Randall novel, but Parker’s characters tend to turn up in each other’s stories. In this one, Sunny meets Paradise police chief, Jesse Stone, a character with his own series. Sunny and Jesse seem to work well together and I hope this book is only the first for the crime fighting pair.


What I Like to Read: Carolyn Haines

I love The whole cast of characters in Carolyn Haines Mississippi Delta Mysteries and can't wait for each new episode. I just wish she could write as fast as I read.

Her main character, Sarah Booth Delaney, is a rebelious southern gentlewoman with a head for detection.  With the help of her resident ghost Jitty, her faithful hound, and her best friend Tink, the bad guys don't stand a chance.

If you're looking for a good dose of Southern charm and murder, check out Carolyn Haines.


What I Like to Read: Robert Crais

I heart Elvis Cole. Really, he makes me laugh. Elvis is a private eye in LA and his side kick Joe Pike is the bomb. Joe is like Stephanie Plum’s Ranger only he doesn’t talk as much. L.A Requiem is the finest mystery I have ever read and to this date, I love Elvis and Joe. Check them out, I think you will too.


What I Like to Read: Susan McBride

Susan makes me laugh. Need I say more? Her debutant dropout series is a hoot. Go to the bookstore right now and pick one up if you haven’t tried the series yet. I’m serious, get your keys and go. I’ll just read until you get back.